Top Tips | The Common Cold

They might be common but colds can be miserable for all involved and as we are currently in the prime time for colds here in the UK, we thought we’d share our top tips to help your little ones when they are struggling through a cold.


-Babies are, of course, too little to blow their noses so instead you can use nasal drops which are just saline water which means they are completely sterile and safe to use from birth. You can also use a nasal aspirator to remove excess mucus from your baby’s nose.

-If your baby has a cough or excess mucus in their chest or sinuses then raising one end of their cot can help. You can do this by placing a few large books under the legs of the cot at one end to raise it up.

-Keeping fluid intake up. Letting a breastfed baby feed on demand as they will need more fluids to help them get better. Offering more milk to a formula fed baby throughout the day.

-Monitor your baby’s temperature regularly to make sure they don’t develop a fever.

Toddlers and children
-Quiet time. Puzzles, boardgames, reading books, colouring, movie time and gentle play are all great for keeping little ones entertained when ill but not exhausting them.

-Keeping fluid intake up. Make water more interesting by adding fresh fruit or herbs. Warm drinks, like warm water with a teaspoon of honey and a splash of lemon juice is soothing for sore throats. Use fun cups and straws to encourage your child to drink more water. Try not to give too much fruit juice as the can cause bad tummies if they drink too much. Also offer less dairy products as dairy encourages the production of mucus and when you have a cold you probably don’t want more of that!

-If your child has a cough apply vapour rub to the souls of their feel before bedtime and cover with comfy bed socks. This helps alleviate the cough.

-Let your child sleep with an extra pillow or raise the head end of their bed the same way you would a cot with some large books.

-Steam. Turn on your shower and let the bathroom fill with steam and sit in the room with your child for at least 10minutes. This helps clear blocked noses and sinuses.

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