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With Christmas upon us and no doubt requests from children about what they would like for Christmas coming in thick and fast we thought we would share an old school activity with you. An after school wind down activity or even something to do as a family on Christmas Eve together as a family – we love traditions and making new ones.


The activity we are sharing is using good old Hama beads, without any tweaks, just using Christmas as our theme. Can you get your child or charge to make a Christmas decoration or present for a friend out of Hama beads?

IMG_2447 2

I made these with my youngest charge for all three children as either tree decorations – leaving out one bead for threading with ribbon for hanging or as table decorations as Christmas coasters. They would also make really sweet, cost effective, presents for young children to make for their friends if they’ve got to the stage where they are wanting to but gifts for lots of peers. As a tradition every member of the family could make a new Christmas themed piece to add to the tree, table of hanging decoration too.


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