Recipes | Christmas Treats

I think these are some of the most entertaining and easiest Christmas treats I have ever made with children. They look so great, we are going to give some as gifts to grandparents and friends. When making these I was really trying to make them as easy as possible that even the busiest Christmas schedules could fit these in. Please let us know if you give these a try!!

Snowball Truffles

You’ll need
200g Custard creams
100g Cream cheese
150g White chocolate
Gold shimmer spray (Dr Oetker ones are usually sold in large supermarkets)

Whiz up the custard creams in a blender or pop in a ziplock back and bash until crushed. (Much easier in blender, much messier and  in bag!)

I’m a bowl mix the custard creams and cream cheese together with a wooden spoon.

Using your hand make 12 snowballs from the mixture. Place in the freezer for 10-20 minutes.

Melt the chocolate and leave to cool for a minute.

Take the snowballs out of the freezer and one by one dip into the chocolate and place onto a grease proof paper lined tray and quickly sprinkle over the sprinkles. Repeat with all the other snowballs. If using the shimmer spray let the chocolate over the snowballs set and then spray them. The trick to these looking fab are to keep them as cool as possible and touching them as little as possible once the chocolate is on.

Keep refrigerated.


Santa’s Belly Biscuits

You’ll need

12 Rich tea / digestive biscuits
12 White marshmallows
Betty Crocker vanilla buttercream
Red and black food dye
Yellow writing icing
24 White chocolate chips

Heat oven to 180C. Place biscuits onto an oven tray. Squish each marshmallow slightly with the palm of your hand on the work surface. Pop a marshmallow on top of each biscuit. Place into the oven for 4-5minutes until marshmallows are slightly soft. Take them out of the oven and squish marshmallow a little more then leave to cool completely.

Pop 2/3rd’s of the icing into a bowl and mix in red food dye till desired colour and then in another bowl mix in the black food dye. Spread the red buttercream over the marshmallow and pop two white chocolate chips near the top. Then leave for about half an hour to set slightly. Pop the black buttercream into a small zip-lock bag and cut a very small hole in one corner to make an instant piping bag. Then finish decorating the biscuits like the photo below.


Santa Hat Strawberries

You’ll need
Greek yogurt
Black writing icing

Cut the green bit off each strawberry so that it can stand upright on a plate. Then cut the bottom off the strawberry and cover this with yogurt. Place a piece of banana on top of the yogurt and the top of the strawberry on top of the banana. Pop a dollop of yogurt on the very top of each strawberry and draw two eyes onto the banana using the writing icing.

Excuse our slightly drunk looking Santa’s. We modelled them off of what Santa must look like after quite a few glasses of sherry!


© pocketnannies 2017

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