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Today we’ve got a wonderful product to share with you – Little Brian Paint Sticks. where have these been all my life? (More here).

We love getting arty with our little ones, but sometimes, especially with toddlers you spend more time clearing up after a painting activity than they’ve spent actually doing it. This of course is all party and parcel of our job – but when you’ve got school runs to contend with, and after school clubs to dash too it’s not always that easy.

We also think that Paint Sticks would be great for children who don’t like to get their hands messy. Using Paint Sticks you can gradually introduce them to painting in a slightly less messy way, who knows they may find a love of painting!

Perhaps you just can’t stand the mess that comes with arts and crafts – and that’s totally fine too. These products are the perfect solution for you and your toddler.

Thats where Paint Sticks come in.. 

‘A fun, clean and very convenient way to paint. Water solvable, child friendly solid paint that twists up and down just Like a glue stick. Use these super silky paints to glide strong, vibrant colours onto surfaces like paper, card, canvas and wood’.

The key features of Little Brian Art’s Paint sticks are:

  • Solid vibrant paint
  • mess free (!)
  • dries in less than 60 seconds
  • no need for brushes or water
  • they work on a range of surfaces – windows (glass), paper, card, wood, even pebbles and rocks.

What’s not to love?

I ordered these vibrant Paint Sticks last week and they’ve been using them non stop since – we’ve been ‘painting’ before school, which is something we would never had time to do with standard paints. We’ve also created lots of masterpieces after school as well. Paint Sticks are a great hit and would be great for travelling with as well.

My charges definitely had good things to say about them:

I’m having a lovely time with these paints!

You can order ‘Little Brian Paint Sticks’ from Amazon here.

paint sticks pocketnannies review 1

I’m just left wondering what other fab products Little Brian make..

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