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As you know we love our books here at pocketnannies and today it’s time for another book review. You maybe familiar with Tim Hopgood as an author, and if you’re not then we should probably bring his books to your attention. We previously reviewed his book Wow! Said The Owl here.

‘Discover the wonders of the night-time and learn to count from one to ten, with the creator of WOW! Said The Owl’.

Tim Hopgood is an author that we enjoy reading books from over and over again. Some of his other titles include ‘TIP TAP Went the Crab’ and as we mentioned ‘Wow! Said the Owl’.

Hopgood’s latest book – Wow! It’s Night-Time was realesed in early October. It is another lovely book where we take a look at what it’s like to be an owl this time during the nighttime. We really enjoyed following the Owls adventures through the night. We would recommend this book for children aged 2+. It is a simple story which means that children aged around 5 maybe able to start reading some of the words.

It’s a lovely book to read to young children – we particularly like the illustrations and the counting page at the back. And who doesn’t love owls?

Wow It's Night-Time pocketnannies book review 2

‘WOW!’ said the owl. Even at night, there is so much to see.

We also spotted… It Was a Cold, Dark Night, which is the perfect Autumn read. It follows a Hedgehog called Ned exploring different habitats. Tim Hopgood’s stories seem to follow this lovely theme. We think this is another great book for young readers to explore.


Which books are you reading at the moment?

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