Top Tips | Thirsty Skin Bath Soak

Bath Soak
Our skin doesn’t seem to enjoy the colder air, whilst babies and children’s skin can be even more sensitive than ours as adults, it’s important to keep it healthy during the colder months just as we protect it in the summer with sun cream.

This bath soak is perfect for the whole family from 6months up. Use once or twice a week to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

You’ll need

100g oats
500ml whole milk
5 drops lavender oil
Pair of clean tights or a pop sock

Place the oats into the tights and tie a knot at the top to stop them falling out. Place into your bath and fill with warm water. Add the milk and lavender to the bath and stir it around. Let your child play in the bath for 15-20 minutes using a clean flannel to gently wash their skin with the warm water.

Once finished, pat your child dry with a towel and follow your normal moisturising routine.

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