Guest Post | Young mothers: Is there a perfect age to embrace motherhood?

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Once upon a time, in the not-too- distant past (just three decades ago), settling
down, deciding to become a mother, and starting a family in your early 20s
was normal and expected… Welcome to the 21st century. That’s not the case

For many twenty-something women today, having children is something they
are keen to delay. Older moms are the new normal. And young mothers seem
to be judged more harshly and unfairly than older women who are doing the
same thing. There are many people out there who are dogmatic about the
parenthood choices a young mother makes – just because she’s young. But,
on the other hand, a woman’s age doesn’t determine her capability
concerning motherhood. After all, different people with different ambitions,
expectations, financial situations, and support systems (family members eager
to help, or professional nannies and babysitters) will thrive as parents at
different times in their lives. And there are these awesome, little perks of
having kids early…

Let’s talk facts.
Is age just a number when it comes to being a mother? If you’re trying to get
pregnant in your 20s, time and biology are on your side. The average
woman’s fertility peaks in her early 20s. It’s as simple as that! So from a
biological perspective, this is the best decade for conceiving a baby. Waiting
until later in life to start a family isn’t without challenges.

Two words: Energy levels.
Let’s face it, motherhood is exhausting. Raising a child is a challenge,
regardless of your age. From the unforgettable, heart-stopping moment that
two little lines start to form on a pregnancy test, that’s the one thing you can
be absolutely sure of! But you have so much more energy before you reach
30. You just find it easier to physically cope with sleepless nights, crying, chasing a crawling baby for hours on end and do it all over again… Being
young means you have your youth to keep you going!

Tick-tock anxiety?
That pressure of a ticking biological clock is something you’ll never have to

An easier adjustment.
You haven’t had enough time to become particularly set in any ways. That’s
why you can easily adapt to transitions.

Grandparents and more.
Having kids when you are young increases the chances that your kids will
have a much longer and stronger relationship with their grandparents; and, if
they’re lucky, maybe even great-grandparents.
*Bonus: When your babies have kids, you know you’ll be a cool, young and
active grandparent!

You are the first.
You are probably the first of your friends to go through this crazy-fun ride of
motherhood. Yes, you’ll struggle in order to find a balance between cribs and
cocktails! But your best friends will also be super excited, they will certainly
want to celebrate the exciting new arrival of a baby with presents, they will be
there for you, they will spoil you…

Body issues.
Your body can recover faster. This means you are able to bounce back into
your pre-pregnancy shape more easily. And your young skin is less prone to
stretch marks.

The whole career thing.
Here’s where it gets tricky. Starting a family and launching a career at the
same time may be a really ambitious undertaking! But, on the other hand, you haven’t seen multitasking until you’ve seen a mother with a busy schedule, a
demanding job, and a family to manage!

No partying anymore…
The loss of spontaneity that comes with motherhood may hit you harder.
Becoming a mother is one of the fastest ways to turn your life completely
upside down. Changing nappies on a Saturday night is harder when all your
friends are enjoying tequila shots and clinking glasses out there. But being a
mother doesn’t mean you’re stuck at home; although sometimes that’s all you
want to do! If you need a break and time for yourself, you can always ask your
family members for help, and add a great professional nanny or babysitter to
your “parenting team”.

The “What if” challenge.
Sometimes it’s so tempting to imagine a parallel life with no responsibilities
that could have been yours, but isn’t.

The money problem.
One of the most obvious reasons why most people delay parenting is lack of
money. Instead of blowing your pay-check on new shoes and bags, you now
have to think about having enough money to feed another person. But having
a child really pushes you to get things done – and get those bills paid.
Because you have to.

Feeling judged.
People may be waiting for you to mess up… just so they can say “I told you
so.” You might hear a friend say, “I don’t want to get pregnant and ruin my
life!” Being a mother and looking really young may feel like being under a
microscope. Many people cling to the idea that only young mothers struggle;
but in reality, all mothers do. Bringing up a child is difficult regardless of how
many candles were on your last birthday cake.

All in all, there is no perfect time to have kids. There is no right time or wrong
time. There is only your time. And that’s magical. Do what is right for you and
listen to no one else. There’s really no one-size- fits-all approach to
parenthood. The perfect time is when you want to become a mother.

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