Discussion | Pumpkins


Pumpkins, they are all around us at this time of year. With Halloween and pick your own farms an ever growing trend there are many more around. But what do you do with yours, including the insides for that matter!
Take a look at what we have done and will be doing with our pumpkins with the help of our charges of course for some of them.

Soup. Using the smallest pumpkins you can find (technically squashes) make the best
soup as they are lovely and sweet. Last year we made this (coincidently) vegan soup and can’t wait to start making it again, creamy with a bit of spice – pictured below. One for the adults or for children who love enjoying new things and don’t mind a bit of heat. For the recipe for this, click here. Pumpkins make great ingredients for roasted root vegetable soups too, perfect for autumn evening dinners with homemade bread. Cook, blend and enjoy!


Carve. Something as nannies I’m sure we’ll all be doing tomorrow if we haven’t already spent our half term planning elaborate designs and helping to carve umpteen pumpkins!  We’d love to see photos of your carvings, use #pocketnanniespumpkins to show us your creations.

Puree. Are you currently weaning a baby this autumn? Get them into the best autumn flavours and where best to start with a pumpkin. Roast, or boil, chunks of pumpkin and blend throroughly. This puree is easily freezable. Keep an eye out for our Autumn weaning recipes coming up very soon for more gorgeous seasonal flavours for those young eaters.

Seeds. Save the seeds from inside the pumpkins and wash, dry and then lightly bake to make a healthy snack for all to enjoy.

You can also keep the seeds to make wonderful artwork with the children. Use them as tiles to make a mosiac picture or temporarily stick them down to paint or blow pen over to make fabulous patterns. Watch out on our Instagram for our pieces of art over the next few days. You can do this with younger children too but in different ways to develop fine motor skills. Firstly, with two bowls and some large tweezers, ask your child to distribute seeds into different bowls (counting skills as well can be worked on here) and then keep moving different amounts of seeds from one bowl to another with the tweezers. Secondly, draw a simple line picture and ask your child to stick the seeds down following the line. Both of these activities help aid young children’s writing skills.

Pumpkin Pie. For all those who love to taste food from over the pond, Wholefoods make Pumpkin Pie making pretty simple by gathering all the ingredients into one place in their stores. Alternatively, this too is a great recipe…use your fresh pumpkins though!

Muffins and bread. Pumpkins make wonderful muffins for a healthy snack and give a wonderful different taste and texture to bread.

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