Activities | Autumn Inspired Crafts

Here at pocketnannies we love Autumn – the time of year when nature gives us so many lovely resources to use with children. We went to the park and collected lots and lots of leaves.

Leaf Hedgehogs

We created these lovely leaf hedgehogs with leaves we’d collected and PVA glue. I’d recommend covering your design with some PVA to stop the leaves from curling.

leaf hedgehog pocketnannies

There’s also a lot more ideas on Pinterest for creating animals from leaves.

Autumn Leaf sizing chart

We collected a huge range of leaves, and I couldn’t help but arrange them in size order, mainly for our featured image. What a perfect activity for children to discuss size and shape as well as colour. We had great fun arranging the leaves.

Autumn leaves pocketnannies

Autumn Leaf collage – Let children create their own pieces of artwork. Check out last years post.


Autumn Themed Sensory Tray

One of favourite Autumn activities – our Autumn themed Sensory tray. (Details here).


Apple Printing

Finally we used some fallen apples for our pumpkin printing. Simply slice the apples in half and paint the halves with orange paint. Add details and faces once the paint has dried.

What Autumn crafts are you planning?

© pocketnannies 2017

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