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Here at pocketnannies we usually review children’s books, which we love doing, but I couldn’t not share this one with you… The Danish Way of Parenting is written by Jessica Joelle Alexander and Iben Dissing Sandahl. It is described as ‘A practical parenting guide based on the philosophy that has made Denmark the happiest country in the world’.

When I spotted this one on the shelf in Waterstones I knew I had to read it – I find the Danish philosophy very refreshing and was very intriguing.

Parenting manuals as some might refer to them, can be very informative, however, I also think they can put labels on children, and lead us to expect miracles to happen with the ‘magical’ routines they off. Personally I think they can often make parents feel unnerved and unsettled because their baby isn’t at that stage of development ‘on time’ or isn’t in the routine they ‘should be’ just yet. We know every child is different and will react differently.. so perhaps we should take this on board a little and look at things from a slightly different perspective…

This is exactly what The Danish Way of Parenting does – lets learn about ‘What the happiest people in the world know about raising confident, capable kids’.

I would really recommend this book – it’s an easy read. Alexander & Sandahl take the word PARENT and look into 6 different aspects of Danishing parenting using the acronym PARENT. We then hear about the danish style of doing things including studies and research which back up what is being said.

“Free play teaches children to be less anxious”.

Each chapter starts with a quote, for example ‘Good teams become great ones when the members treat each other enough to surrender the “me” for the ‘we“. – Phil Jackson. Each quote links into the chapter perfectly and really makes you think about the aspect of parenting being discussed.

There iss some brilliant advice to take on board, which probably leads us away from the helicopter parenting that we often fall into..

 “In Denmark, parents try not to intervene unless its absolutely necessary.”

We also learn the Danish way of teaching empathy, the skill of reframing,  and the Danish way of Hygee, to name a few – this book may not enitrely change the way you parent, or your children but it will give you a lot of food for thought.

The Danish Way of Parenting, pocketnannies review

I have to admit here at pocketnannies we are somewhat obsessed with the Nordic culture, the art of Hygge, and how happy the Danes are. But we can probably all learn quite a lot from the Danes.

We also loved The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country, by Helen Russell.

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