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With the change in the seasons comes a need for a change in what you dress your children in when out and about. Preparation is key and having wellies, waterproofs, hats and gloves can turn a rainy day into a fun day out.


When looking for waterproofs for children I always look for a few set things; do they take up much space when storing them; can you get them on/off a child easily and quickly; will they last size wise and material wise; can you pop them in the washing machine and will the hood stay up.

I have been suggesting Muddy Puddles waterproofs to the families I have worked for since I discovered the brand a few years ago as their products have always surpassed my expectations.


Muddy Puddles sell waterproof jackets, trousers, all in ones and wellies. As well as a wide selection of cold weather wear including hats, gloves and thermals.

I also love that Muddy Puddles sell products from 0-6months all the way up to 12years.

Click here to be taken to their website and happy puddle splashing!! 

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One thought

  1. My daughter had a waterproof jacket like this, it was so easy to store and I could always find it! It could fit in my (big) handbag as well! It had a pattern with hearts of different colors, sweet and girlish.I was so sad when she outgrew it… A really great addition to a child’s wardrobe!


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