Discussion | Taking on PA Work

We have noticed a rise in jobs that are requiring a nanny to take on a PA role too within their normal working hours. With some experience of this we thought we would try and answer some initials questions that may come to mind if you are thinking of applying for these roles.

Things to consider:

  • What ratio of nannying: PA work would you be happy to take on? Would the family be happy to trial a ratio to make sure the balance is right for everyone?
  • Would the family be happy to teach you new skills, such as how to do a tax return or would you be expected to teach yourself, on the job? One positive of having it taught to you is that you learn the way they would like it done.
  • Are you able to work on your own and under your own initiative? A huge benefit for a family of having a PA is that all the regular tasks that they either don’t have time to do or simply haven’t thought of are done for them. It’s really important that you can carry out tasks that need completing on a regular basis without being prompted or reminded.
  • What tasks are you happy to carry out? Perhaps at the beginning of the role, discussing what is expected of you and what you are happy to do will set boundaries as to how far your PA work will go.

Pros to PA work:

  • Learn lots of new skills. Particularly IT skills, organising other people’s diaries, connecting with other people whose businesses you are not neccessarily familiar with.
  • Mixes up your work. No two days will be the same and the work load will be busy. Great for people who don’t like being bored.
  • It’s a great option to look into for people who still want to work privately but may be looking to move on from nannying. Being able to get the experience at the same time as nannying will be a great help to you moving forward.
  • It is always much more fun organising other people’s lives than your own.
  • For the list making lover out there, this is great! Working through list after list to help, support and improve someone else’s life.

As always, we would love to know if you have anything to add to these points, so plesse do let us know about your experiences.

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