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Don’t babies finger nails grow at an extraordinary rate? Do you dread having to trim them whist being super careful not to catch their delicate skin? I’ve been using the ZoLi Buzz B nail trimmer for a while now and I wouldn’t go back to using nail clippers or scissors especially for a new born.

The ZoLi Buzz B comes with 4 cushioned pads with different textures for different ages up to age 2 and you can buy replacement pads for when yours become worn down. Using a unique motion the pads gently file your babies nails, with two speeds incase you come across a particularly tough nail. The pads don’t hurt the surrounding skin in the slightest.The ZoLi uses just one AA battery and comes in a handy case which makes storing and traveling with it very easy. It does probably take a few minutes longer than using clippers but because you don’t need to worry about hurting your baby it is a much nicer and calmer experience and I have found that the babies I’ve used it on have liked the light vibration when it is being done.

You can purchase the ZoLi Buzz B here.

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