Discussion | Temp Nannying 

Temp nannying is when you nanny for a family on a temporary basis (pretty self explanatory from the name). Most nannies will come to a point in their career when temp nannying is a helpful option. Either between one job finishing and another beginning or if you decide to do a bit of traveling and need to keep a little money coming in, in between your travels. But if you have never temped before it is important to have an understanding of temp nannying before going into it. Temp nannying is different to full time nannying in many ways.

– Go with the flow! You are not there to change or mix up the children’s routines. (Unless ofcourse you are there as a troubleshooting nanny) Because you are not with the children for a long time it is unfair and confusing for them if you come in and suddenly change things up.

– Take note of everything you are shown. It’s much easier for a family if you can ‘hit the ground running’ especially if you are only there for a short period of time. Make sure you use that first morning to ask about how the oven, hob, washer, dryer etc work. Make sure you are clear on where the first aid box is and you are completely sure of any medications the children maybe on. Also double check about allergies and times the children eat including any snacks they are allowed.

– The mix between sole and shared care is probably going to be more of a fluid one in a temp nanny position.

– Communication with the parents is vital in any nanny job. However in a temp nanny job it is really important to keep the parents informed of what’s going on in their children’s day. Some temp family’s use the ‘Find Friends’ app which is very easy to use and you can share your location for the day.

– If you end up doing your fair share of temp nannying it will give you invaluable experience. We all know no two children are the same and by looking after many you will experience so many different situations which will enable you to then draw from your them and make better and more informed decisions when looking after future children.

– When you are a permanent nanny you don’t need to worry about your tax and national insurance as your employers deal with that side of your pay. However when temp nannying you need to become self employed which means you get paid a gross salary and at the end of the tax year you have to pay your taxes and national insurance.

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