Books | 9 Months

Are you a family who are having a second or subsequent baby with toddlers or children who are really interested in pregnancy and the new baby? Or a couple expecting your first baby? With all the possibilities of pregnancy information out there it can become quite overwhelming to know what to read. We think 9 Months is a great place to start!

Informative, brilliantly illustrated, thruthful and honest but child friendly too, 9 Months is a beautiful book for all the family to enjoy together and learn about the pregnancy as one.

With each page a month by month overview about how baby is growing and how mummy is feeling at this time, this book cleverly educates all members of the family.


The book provides great images of how baby is growing and gives you a chance to visualise the size of baby, comparing it to common objects.


With handy tips along the way, every member of the family can learn something new and keeps the book exciting for the younger readers.


And finally an overview of the whole process. Without even needing to read this book I’ve studied this page time and time again, fascinated with the whole process!


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