Discussion | A Day in the Life of a Nanny

One of my favourite parts of my job is that everyday is so varied, no two days are the same. Even though I follow a flexible routine, due to the simple fact that children just don’t react to the same situation in the same way twice makes for such wonderful variety.

Today I thought it might be interesting to share a “typical” day in my life of nannying. If you yourself are also a nanny I can guarantee it will be so different to your typical day as each and every family is so different.

8 am I arrive to work at 8am and usually breakfast is underway. A quick milky greeting is given and then mum and I have a quick chat about how they slept etc. Then mum heads off to work and I try and tackle the weetabix carnage before it has a chance to dry (what is that stuff made of? How does it dry stronger than concrete?) We then all head up to their bedrooms and we brush teeth and get dressed and do hair.

9 am Usually it is then time to drop one child off at nursery and head with the youngest to either a music or sports class or home to do crafts or visit the park or a museum.

11.45am  Before we know, it is time to head back to nursery to pick up the eldest and then we go home for lunch. Our favourite days are when we have a friend come back for lunch and a play or we head to their house for the same.

1pm After lunch the youngest has a nap, which is then a great time for the eldest and I to have someone on one time and do crafts or build the biggest train track, bake or just read a pile of books.

3pm In the afternoon we love to head outside, either to the garden or scoot to the park or the woods. We then head home and they play whilst I cook dinner.

6pm Once dinner is over, up we go for a bath. I try and make bath the start of calm time, winding down for bed (not always so successful, is it just me or do baths seem to give children a second wind)? I do find adding a few drops of lavender oil to their bath helpful for calming down before bed though.

During the day I try really hard to encourage independence, good manners and imaginative play.

How does this compare to your typical day?

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