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We first came across Mrs Wordsmith at the Wild Little Community Christmas Fair back in 2016. We’ve heard they’ve been very busy with exciting new plans, new website and future projects. However we’re very excited to be sharing Mrs Wordsmith’s guest post with you, our readers today, because we can really see the advantages that a Mrs Wordsmith subscription package would provide young children. Let’s hand over to Mrs Wordsmith for more:

Having a great vocabulary is the foundation for strong readers and strong writers. But teaching children vocabulary isn’t easy. There’s an expectation that kids will pick up more complex words if they read more. But that usually only works if the child doesn’t skim over the word they might not know and actively seek to understand what it means. For those who want to reinforce vocabulary, the typical way is to look up word lists or to buy very dry flashcards and workbooks at the bookstore.

We’d like to introduce you to a new way. We recently discovered Mrs. Wordsmith, the subscription vocabulary program that uses illustrations to bring the words to life for kids, created by the artistic team behind Hollywood films Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania.

Take the word “ominous.” It’s not the easiest word to explain to a child, and it’s not a word that most children would remember if they’d stumbled on it in their reading. Here’s the word illustrated:

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 22.02.28

With an illustration, children can instantly see it means something threatening, or dangerous.

How does Mrs. Wordsmith work? The program lasts for 6 months, and each month, you’ll get three tools that will help your child learn up to 1500 words. You get:

  • a set of words each month to build into a reference book that kids can go back to again and again
  • a one minute daily worksheet that will teach you the words most frequently associated with the main word, such as an “ominous look” or an “ominous cloud”.
  • A card game to reinforce the words through play

Have you already discovered Mrs. Wordsmith? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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