Out & About | Brutalist Playground

“Commissioned by the RIBA, The Brutalist Playground shines a light on the abstract concrete playgrounds designed as part of post-war housing estates in the mid-twentieth century. Often made from concrete, such playgrounds were cast into housing estates such as Churchill Gardens, Pimlico; Seamount Court in Aberdeen and the Park Hill Estate in Sheffield in sculptural forms, presenting a distinct move away from previous playground design.”


What better way to get young children involved in a piece of history and get them playing in recreated play zones of post war estates. This play zone is set up at The Edge, at Bath University until the 9th September.

Recommended to us by one of our regular pocketnannies readers, who has two young children, said she loved how it has been recreated to look like the old concrete playgrounds but is made from the softest foam. Her little boy loved to roll the moveable objects to roll them down the different angled surfaces. She also commented that it looked like a really contempory soft play, numbers of users were kept to a limit so it wasn’t crowded and it’s pure simplicity encouraged the children to really use their imaginations so create their own play.

Certainly worth the visit this summer holidays. We love making posts out of our reader’s recommendations, so thankyou for this one!

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