Discussion | Party Bags 


When planning a child's party, you are faced with a decision. Do you go all out or do you keep it simple?

Today we thought we'd share some of our ideas for keeping party bags simple.

  • Homemade cookie ideally in a shape of the theme of the party. You can buy amazing cookie cutters online these days and it's normally pretty easy and cheap to find one that matches your theme. Pop the cookie in a bag with one or two writing icing tubes you can find in the supermarket.
  • If your child has a birthday mid to late November we love the idea of giving each child an advent calendar. If you're trying to limit the amount of sugar there are some beautiful picture advent calendars out there.
  • A pot of homemade playdough and a cutter.  Find our 5minute playdough recipe here.
  • Make your own bracelet. You can buy pots of beads from places like hobby craft and some elastic. Place some elastic that you have knotted at one end and some beads in a small bag or mini box.
  • If you are making something during the party, buy some nice paper bags or small boxes that they can take their creations home in along with a slice of the birthday cake.

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