Activities | Summer Reading Challenge

Have you heard about the Summer Reading Challenge? Libraries nationwide are again hosting this Challenge – which ultimately is to get children into libraries and reading books!  You can find out more at their website here, or read our step by step guide taken from the libraries information packs. 

Join the Animal Agents! Have you heard about the strange going-on at your local library this summer? Meet the Animal Agents, and join the Summer Reading Challenge – it’s your chance to solve a mystery and catch a crafty crook!

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  • Sign up at your local library where you’ll receive a collector folder to start you off.
  • As you read over the summer, you’ll have your wits and power of observation to sift through the clues. You’ll even pick up some stinky stickers along the way.
  • Read lots of library books.
  • Make 3 visits to the library.
  • Talk about 2 books on each visit. So that’s 6 books altogether.
  • You can talk about a favourite bit of the story, a favourite character, why you liked the book, or perhaps, if you didn’t like the book, why you didn’t.
  • Collect those stinky stickers and others rewards each time you visit.
  • Collect your medal when you have 6 books.
  • Collect your certificate in school assembly in the autumn.
  • You will be working with Animal Agents, the coolest band of crime crackers you’ve ever met!
  • Check out the website for loads more cool stuff like competitions, games and reading clubs.
  • Solve your case Saturday 9th September.

We’ve done the Summer Reading Challenge for the last few years, and the children have loved it. We’d recommend it to keep children engaged in books over the Summer break but also to help get children into reading.

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