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Today we're chatting to Charlotte Brisco – Founder and Managing Director of Dazzle & Fizz. We were lucky enough to meet some of the Dazzle & Fizz team at the Mothercare & My Baba's Pushchair Party back in March. We could see they were great at entertaining the children in the creche, and we were therefore very intrigued about Dazzle & Fizz. Let's find out more about about their 'Magical bespoke children's parties'…

Hi Dazzle & Fizz, firstly please can you tell us what you do?
HI! We are the go-to destination for all things children’s party! Whether you require party planning, styling and full production, or you wish to shop for your own party look, Dazzle and Fizz offers our customers everything that they need for their child’s parties.

What kind of extra services do you provide ? (Things that set you apart from other party companies, perhaps).
What sets us apart is that we cater exclusively for children, across a broad spectrum of price points. For example, our Events Team specialise in immersive theatrical parties, where our guests can be transported to a magical destination of their choosing. Similarly, our online shop features our pick of the hottest party product on the market, hand picked and categorised in to ready-made “looks” by our stylists. Our Party-in-a-Box offers our clients all party essentials such as stunning invitations, reusable party bags and party tableware delivered to their door.

We'd love to hear more about the entertainment you provide for children's parties? What kind of themes have you catered for? 
We pride ourselves on catering for [almost] any theme or requirement. We operate an in-house theatre company, who are always creating fresh material and shows. Our clients can either request an entirely bespoke piece of theatre, which is written, devised, rehearsed and produced exclusively for their party, or choose from one of our ready-made theatre packages. We offer options for babies, under 3’s, older children, tweenagers, teenagers and children living with Special Educational Needs. We also offer pantomimes and musical performances, both of which are always a huge hit.

Who would you love to plan a party for? 
We are privileged to have partied for some amazing clients! However, I suppose my ultimate power couple would have to be Michelle and Barack Obama or Beyonce and Jay-Z (a little different I appreciate, but either would be amazing!)

Do you have a minimum number of guests at your parties? 
No, we don’t have any minimum numbers. If there’s a party- we want to be there!

Do you have any secrets for getting a large group of children to follow instructions during a party when they are all super excited? 
Make everything seem like a game! Conga the children to lunch for a fun and organised transition to the party tea table. Encourage the children to complete simple physical tasks (if you can hear me put your arms in the air, if you can hear me pull a funny face etc…) when you want to regain control. Children will also mimic the tone you set for the party. So if you feel at any point that the party is getting a bit unruly, balance the party entertainment by delivering a more cerebral element such as crafting or telling a “secret” story.

Do you have anything else you'd like to tell us about? 
We are really excited to have just launched our Party-in-a-Box. Our large party boxes contain recyclable and stylish tableware, ethically produced and reusable cotton party bags and unique and chic party invitations by luxury stationer Cutture. Utilising our years of Event Styling experience, we have put together cutting edge party looks, so that our clients don’t have to. Our party box contents are plastic-free, making them both stylish and environmentally aware. It’s like ordering a personal Party Stylist in a box! Our boxes are currently available in Princess, Pirate, Superhero, Fairy and our Dazzle and Fizz Signature looks. Many more themes coming soon!

Thanks to Charlotte, and if you'd like to find out more about Dazzle & Fizz check out their website, here. You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram.

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