Books | Fairy Tale Pets & The Only Lonely Panda

If you are a regular reader of pocketnannies you will know of our love for books. The lovely publishers, Little Tiger Press were kind enough to send us these lovely new books for us to review.

Fairy Tale Pets

Bob wants a job. He finally decides to try pet sitting, thinking he will be looking after lots of cute hamsters and bunnies. First to knock on his door is Goldilocks with her grumpy baby bear and Jack with his golden goose, the fairy tale chaos begins.

A fun, colourful book with even funnier illustrations that will be sure to make your little ones laugh out loud. Fairy Tale Pets is a busy, entertaining story with lots of familiar characters from some of our favourite fairy tales. We would recommend for 2-6year olds


The Only Lonely Panda

Panda wants a friend. He meets some animals in the jungle but he can’t quite figure out how to become friends with any of them. Then he see’s a potential friend through the bamboo but can Panda figure out how to become her friend?

The Only Lonely Panda is a funny and uplifting celebration of friendship and individuality. The illustrations are beautiful and funny, complimenting and enhancing the story throughout the book.

We love the matt metallic ink on both the cover and pages of this beautiful book.

We’d recommend both of these books to our readers. 

© pocketnannies 2017

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