Discussion | Summer Holidays; to plan or not to plan

As we approach the summer holidays at a rapid rate, we start to wonder what this holiday will entail. Here at pocketnannies, we all work for different families with different visions for how to get through the summer. And it’s got us thinking.

Do you plan your entire summer holiday, are your children booked into every holiday camp available, do they have to continue their school routine of music, reading and spellings for example? Have you given them a project to do over the summer? Or, are you letting your children be totally free over this time off school, not expecting them to pick up a book? Or somewhere in between…

We can see why parents opt for any of these options because normally it fits into the family lifestyle. Here are a couple of things to consider for each option.

Detailed plan

  • How long are the holiday clubs? We have found that opting for clubs that are no more than a week long often have the most impact-the children love going and getting out of the door doesn’t end up like the end of term struggle.
  • Will the clubs challenge them? Make sure the children are put into the correct ability groups, as there is nothing worse in by the end of the club having wasted time and money and picking up a bored child!
  • Are your expectations of your child for the summer realistic? Remember this is a time of year when children do need to rest after such a busy end of term and academic year, piling on the pressure may give you many moments of conflict, but be clear what you want your child to have acheived by the beginning of September fom the beginning- be willing to support at any stage too.
  • Continue your days in a routine like getting up for school. The best results we’ve seen as nannies have been when any tasks, school activities or job have been done first thing in the morning and then enjoy the rest of the day. It’s less stressful for everyone involved.
  • DO remember to relax – the children too! It’s important for children to recharge over this time so they are ready for the challenges of the next school year.

No plan

  • Does your child benefit from routine? Some children may find it difficult going from school life to doing nothing and often it comes out through their behaviour. Consider one routinely aspect a day-this could be the child is in charge of laying the table.
  • Before the summer starts, it’s perhaps a good idea to think of a list of equipment/items you might need at a drop of a hat when the voice of “I’m bored” sets in. If you want them to lead the way over the summer that is great but be prepared to step in with fresh ideas and activities for them.
  • Are they missing out – Is there a club they would love to do? Let it be a group decision to be so relaxed over the holiday so that you don’t get any moans of “I wish I’d done that” when it’s too late!
  • Enjoy spending this quality time together! Look forward to having refreshed and recharged children.
  • Read! Have a summer book to get through, and get lost in it together.

Hope you all enjoy the imminent summer holidays and don’t forget to look at our other pages for inspiration! We have days out suggestions, recipes – treats and meal ideas and of course day to day activities.

© pocketnannies 2017

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