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We love helping to promote new small businesses here at pocketnannies. After all we wouldn’t be where we are without the help and support from other people. 
Today we are chatting to Jess who runs Baby Basics Company. Jess fantastically set this company up after having her own, very cute, baby Felix. Let’s see what Jess has to say…


My name is Jess and I am the owner of Baby Basics Company. I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to child care. I spent three years studying at the prestigious Norland College in Bath, graduating in 2004 with Distinction in Early Years Development and Learning as well as achieving the CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education and Care. After graduating I moved to London and for 12 years specialised in nannying for twins. I stopped nanny to have my own child – Felix how has just turned 2.
During my maternity leave I was contacted so frequently by friends, colleagues, acquaintances, mummies in the supermarket – you name it – asking for my advice on various child related issues, that I saw a real niche in the market and decided to turn this into a business. With the vast hands-on knowledge collected throughout my career, official courses, and most recently motherhood I have been able to put all of this into practice to help other families.
So, Baby Basics Company was created with one simple, defining goal;
To provide bespoke tailor-made advice and support for families.

Being a mummy myself, I understand completely how massive (and equally how wonderful) this change is for new parents and our aim at Baby Basics is to help with the knowledge, the assistance, the reassurance, and the confidence to deal with all the challenges that having and raising children can throw at you.
We offer group workshops at local venues that focus around a specific topic such as potty training or weaning. These can be booked by a group of friends who would like to cover something particular together or attended by parents who are interested in one of our up and coming events.
We also do one on one consultations to teach parents vital childcare or help with things they are struggling with, for example, dealing with sleep issues, routine, new born preparation days. These are organised face to face, via email and over the phone – Whatever a family thinks the easiest approach is for their situation… basically you have your own personal expert available for any of your needs near enough 24/7!
Thanks to having such a wide network of professional nannies around me. I have been able to pull them all together, enabling me to offer many expertise through Baby Basics – a one stop nanny shop if you like. Qualified first aid trainers, photographers, maternity nurses, breast feeding consultants, postnatal depression councillors – the list is endless and continuously growing. I’d like to think that most “issues” can be tackled!
Parenting is NEVER going to be stress free, nor unfortunately do they come with a manual, but with a little guidance and some of our hard-learned tips and tricks we hope to make things that little bit easier for our clients.

If Jess sounds like just the woman you need for advice or a practical helping hand check out her website or email her on the above address or 


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