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In continuation of our Monday posts focusing on getting outside, today we have some fun games to play when out in the garden or on a walk.

Hide the star

Print out or draw about 10 stars (more if you have lots of children) and cut them out. Then hide them in your garden and let the children loose. Set a timer and the child who finds the most in the time is the winner. The winner then gets to hide the stars for the next game.

ABC hunts

Cut out 26 small squares from a couple of pieces of paper and write a letter of the alphabet on each piece. Lay each letter in a line outside with a bit of space between each one. You may need to place a pebble or something on each letter to stop it being blown away in the wind.
Then ask your children to find as many object as they can starting with each letter from inside the house and in the garden.
If you only have a couple of children or if they are younger you can always do fewer letters so it’s not too overwhelming.

Nature Hunts

If you are heading out for a walk, give each child a small bag and explain to them to place anything special they find on their walk in their bags. When you get home each child can empty out their bags and compare what each of them found.

Nature Sticks

This is a fun extension activity following on from the nature hunt. Each child also collects a suitable stick on the walk and then when home attaches all the things they found on their walk to their sticks using string, tape or glue.

Our Favourite Outdoor Activity Books

101 Things For Kids To Do Outside by Dawn Isaac. You can buy a copy here.
365 Outdoor Activities You Have To Try by the RSPB. You can buy a copy here.

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