Discussion | Do you Know Your Bees?

Summer has definitely arrived in the UK this week, at last!

But with hot weather, brings lots of busy bees working very hard, and unfortunately a few stings along the way. But bees are so important to our environments and play such vital roles in our ecosystems that it’s really important to teach children about their importance.

First rule….don’t kill a bee! 🐝🐝Bees pollenate flowers and fruits, vegetables and without bees working hard, a third of what we eat would not be available to us.

Probably the most crucial thing to teach a child is the difference between a bumble bee and a honey bee, mainly as honey bees look very similar to wasps. Take a look at this table for some interesting facts.


Honey bees live in huge colonies, with each and every bee being responsible for a very important job. Colonies are hugely organised with the Queen bee being in charge and who produces off spring, followed by the honeybees collecting nectar to make honey, with the worker bees at the bottom ensuring that every bee has water, the hive is in good working, neat order.

Bees pollinate flowers up to 2km away spreading and collecting pollen and eating nectar. Bumblebees live in colonies of aroud 300-400.

These books have are reccommended to help children understand the importance of bees and their work.


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