Activities | DIY Number Blocks

Blocks can have an important role in children’s development whilst they play. On their own they can encourage imagination by enabling children to work towards building something that they have only planned in their head, promote problem solving by letting children figure out how to make a structure stand up or how to build an even bigger structure, improve fine and gross motor skills through the handling of the blocks and support language skills.
When you put numbers or letters onto the block you then add another learning tool to the mix. It also enables you to use the bricks in a few new ways such as number and word games.


To make your own number blocks all you will need is

  • washi tape
  • wooden blocks
  • spray paint
  • permanent marker
  • black bin bag.

Simply pop your washi tape on the blocks where you want the paint to stop, then place onto the bin bag outside and spray the blocks. Depending on the colour of spray paint you may or may not need to do a second coat when dry. Then with a permanent maker add numbers and mathematical symbols or letters to each block.

For more ideas to encourage learning through play head to our recent blogpost ‘Making Maths Fun’ by following this link

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