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What do you do when your child has outgrown their high chair but is still too small to reach the table from a normal dining chair? Well we think we’ve found the perfect booster seat. The Oxo Tot Perch booster seat is the easiest to set up, easiest to clean and most compact booster we have found. With a comfy seat and a back that folds down it’s a great one for everyday use at home and can also easily be fitted into your luggage for trips away.

There comes a stage when you know your child has outgrown their high chair and needs a more grown up way of sitting to eat their meals but it is also important that they are still at the correct height for eating. Being at the correct height makes eating a whole lot easier and also helps hugely with table manners. The Oxo booster gives a child all the independence of a grown up chair as well as making sure they are at the correct height for eating.

The Oxo padded seat comes off easily so you can clean out crumbs and spills easily. And when travelling or you just want to store the seat away you simply push a piece of the plastic at the back and the back of the seat folds down to make the seat as compact as possible.

Even though this seat doesn’t attach to the chair we have never had a problem with its stability, it is extremely stable on a chair and has rubber pads on the bottom to prevent slipping.

With a simple, clean and modern design this seat is perfect for houses that want something to blend in instead of standing out with bright colours and designs.

This booster comes without straps as it is designed for older toddlers and children, however Oxo does do boosters with straps. The seat with straps would be great for travelling with younger babies and toddlers and you don’t have a highchair.

You can find the booster on amazon here.


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