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Maths can be an utterly tricky subject for children to get their heads around, and supporting children with their maths is something that some adults may find difficult. I’ve certainly been slightly stumped by some of the lengthy worded questions my 7 year old charge has been faced with. The way in which children are taught maths these days is different from the ways in which we were taught when we were at school. 

So today we’re focusing on making maths fun. We’re bringing in some ideas to help children maintain an interest in the subject, as we’re quite sure once children understand the foundations and find it a little bit more fun, their confidence will grow. In our opinion a lot of it is about confidence and not being scared of getting maths wrong.

Everyday Activities 

Sometimes we’re doing maths without even realising, for example:

  • Counting things around the house – ie. the stairs, toys, etc.
  • Counting things outside – cars, planes, dogs in the park etc.
  • Whilst baking – getting children to help you weigh the ingredients and measure out the spoonfuls is a great way to involve them and also be thinking about maths without realising it.

Lego / Duplo Brick Maths Activities

An easy activity to promote maths is using Duplo or Lego bricks, we have these numbered bricks which of course help, but even just counting bricks as you build is a fun way to introduce some more maths into everyday activities.

Lolly Stick Number Sums

We made these simple number sums using lolly sticks and writing the numbers on opposite sides to enable us to create sums together. It’s a ‘quick fire’ fun way to practice basic maths, and also times tables.

Counting Activity

For younger children number recognition games will be a brilliant way to introduce them to numbers and enrich their knowledge of numerical figures. Number association is a great skill for children to practice, so this game will help with that. Counting out the pompoms or other objects will help them to visualise the numbers that they are counting, whilst adding an element of fun.

If you build on these foundations early, children will become more used to using numbers by the time they start school.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 19.29.30
Fishing for Numbers

For younger children you may wish to set up an easy number learning game such as our fishing game which we previously posted, here. Our little ones love this simple game, which helped a great deal with early number recognition.


We also found lots of other idea’s on Pinterest, here.

What activities can you think of to help promote maths for your little ones? 

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