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Over the past seven years of nannying, between the three of us we’ve had a lot of birthday and Christmas presents to buy for the children in our care, past and present.

Although it’s a time we love, having so many on our lists does make it quite a tricky job sometimes, it can be so difficult to think of a great present that a) doesn’t cost a fortune and b) isn’t going to be added to the tat collection!

That’s when we discovered Wicked Uncle.


Wicked Uncle is a website with 100s of cool present ideas for children. The website has great filters such as adventurers, creativity, fashion, chocolate and sensory and also divides into age categories as well as being able to be dinfined my gender. These presents are true to their age categories and with so many of the choices either giving the child something to do with an outcome at the end of it, or being an everyday item with a twist they make worth while options for gifts.

Click here to be taken to the website.

I’ll be looking here this week to find a present for a 9 year old boy….more suggestions welcome!

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