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From an early age I was bought up playing card games and since I began nannying I have enjoyed playing them with my charges when they get old enough. Keeping a pack of cards in my bag has come in very handy at times when having to wait in airports, when on trains and in doctors waiting rooms. My charges have also enjoyed playing a few games before bed time.

There are endless games you can play with a standard deck of cards but sometimes a specific game geared towards children is great fun to play altogether. Below we have listed some of our favourite card games.

Sleeping Queens


Sleeping Queens was invented by 6-year-old Miranda Evarts, who thought up the game one night when she couldn’t fall asleep.

It is suitable for 2-5 players aged 8 and up with a playing time of around 20 minutes. However I have played this game with children aged 5 and up and have found they just need a bit more support at the beginning until they fully pick up all the rules but once they get the hang of it they enjoy it just as much as their older siblings.

Sleeping Queens helps develop memory, strategy and maths skills.

Too Many Monkeys

Too Many Monkeys is suitable for 2-6 players. It is advertised as age 6 and up but I have played this game with four year olds who have quickly learnt the rules and have really enjoyed playing.

This game is based on luck but is great for reinforcing numeracy skills.

Rat-a-tat Cat

As children play Rat-a-tat Cat, they develop a sense of timing and an understanding of basic, but essential, mathematical concepts. They learn ways to remember their cards and strategies to figure out what cards other players might have. They also begin to develop an intuitive sense of probability.

It is suitable for 2-6 players aged 6 and up with a playing time of around 20 minutes.



Dobble is a series of quickness-based mini-games in which all players play at the same time. You can play the mini-games in a specific order, randomly, or you can keep playing the same one over and over. A brilliant game for children age 4 and over with 2-8 players.

No matter which game you play, you always need to be the fastest to spot the identical symbol between two cards, name it out loud and then take the card, place it or discard it depending on the rules of the mini-game you’re currently playing.

This is a great traveling game as it comes in a tin so won’t get bashed about in your bag.

Please let us know if you have any family favourite card games that you always play together!

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