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We were approached a couple of weeks ago by Patricia Furstenberg, a children’s author from South Africa, and were asked to review her new book Joyful Trouble. We’re always very touched when people approach us to review their books, and what is more we love having a the range of books received to review! So Joyful Trouble, what is it all about?

Chapter 8 no bkgrFrom the author:
“Joyful Trouble is based on the true story of the only dog enlisted in the Royal Navy during World War II (here, in South Africa). It gently depicts how this gentle giant had found his true calling – and not the one you would expect from a dog. Joyful Trouble, a Great Dane, arrives in Simon’s Town where the Royal Navy headquarters are and before you know it he is friends with every seaman. The whole town loves this friendly and helpful giant except for the Railway Authorities because Joyful Trouble often rides the train without a ticket. You can chase a dog out of a train, but you can’t take the love of travel out of the dog – if help is not offered soon, the Railway Authorities will put the dog to sleep. Told from a witness perspective, now a loving and much loved grandfather to girl and a boy, the story has a surprising ending. It is a story about the meaningful relationship between dogs and humans, but also between grandchildren and their grandfathers. It is a look at life through a child’s eyes, but also through those of a grandpa.”

Aimed at children aged 6-10 years, this book is such a lovely, easy read; really capturing the essence of the relationship between man and dog. It would make the perfect choice of book to take away on holiday for your child to read independently or with an adult. It touches upon so many topics of conversation and chances for learning; geography and learning a little about South Africa, history, the Navy, grandparents and animals.

Author head

We’ve really enjoyed reading this book and wish Patricia all the best with it!

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