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We wanted to share with you some of our favourite children’s magazine subscriptions if you were looking for a unique present to give to a child or wanted your child or charge to persue an interest. We have had some fab recommendations over the last few weeks so we’ve put together some suggestions below. 

Whizz Pop Bang

For all the budding scientists out there, aimed at children 6-11! And even if they are not at the moment, this magazine will definitely spark some interest. And what is not to love when it’s linked to all things sweet?? This issue shows how sweets are made, with an interview with a sweet scientist, statistics on chocolate, facts on sugar, how a candy floss machine is made, quizzes, games and much more! You can find out more about Whizz Pop Bang here.



This classic children’s comic is great! It’s so important to enocourage children to read all kinds of material to develop their reading skills. This has proved an ever popular choice amongst families, following the misheveous ways of Dennis and Gnasher. Full of fun and laughs, bright and colourful this is sure to be a successful way to get your child to chill out-you may even get 20minutes of reading out of them! Find out more about the Beano here.




A science and arts magazine for children 3-8years old. It’s “designed to engage children in scientific discovery in the most fun and creative way.” A genuinely great magazine, doing just what it says in the description. And they don’t hold back with covering all sorts of topics – this issue is all about wee and poo! Nevertheless, its so intesting, with interactive pages that need to be held to the light, puzzles, things to make, so many learning opportunities to be had by all. Find out about Okido here.

Jacquline Wilson IMG_1203

I used to love Jacqueline Wilson when I was younger. This magazine is aimed at girls between 7-12 years who love to read and concentrates on having lots of fun through puzzles, things to make, story writing skills, looking into the life of the author Jacqueline Wilson as well as drawing tips to create pictures like illustrator Nick Sharratt. Suscribe to this magazine here.


The Week Junior

The Week Junior is a superb magazine full of current affairs for children between 8-14years. Discussing important and present topics, including politics, other headlines, nature, sport, technology to name a few. This magazine is most definitely for the curious young minds out there, it uses an appropiate level of language, resisting bias and jargon and really answers those questions we get asked and are stumped  for the answer as adults! Check it out further here.

First News

IMG_1205Similar to The Week Junior, First News is a children’s newspaper for ages between 7-14. Sharing relevant stories in an “informative, entertaining and stimulating way, encouraging children to take an active interest in the world around them”. Find out more here.




National GeographicIMG_1204

For animal, world and nature lovers alike. Aimed at children 6 years and older National Georgraphic Kids is by sure the magazine you need for utterly stunning photography of nature, the world around us and the creatures that live on this Earth. Packed with stories from around the globe, ancient cities, and wildlife. National Geographic Kids is sure to be a joy to read for all the family. Find out more here.

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