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We think this new range of baby products from Kit & Kin is adorable. Co-founded by Spice Girl Emma Bunton, this new range uses natural ingredients and most importantly nourishes your child’s skin and the products are friendly to the environment too.


Kit & Kin offer nappies on a monthly subcription (or singly) and a whole range of skincare products for both baby and mum such as massage oil, skin and breast balm, body wash and bubble bath.

A close friend of pocketnannies is currently using these products with her charge, here are her top three.


Magic Salve

“Does what it says on the pot! Magic. This is our favourite, great for all kinds of dry spots, so kind to his sensitive skin and good for nappy soreness too.”



“These nappies are really cute, so absorbent and a great nappy that’s kind to our environment!”

Body oil


“We love the baby oil for massages. Its smells beautiful but natural and is so kind to his skin.”





And a few words from Kit & Kin themselves…



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