Activities | Easter Crafts

Easter Egg Mosaic


Cut an egg shape out of a piece of card. Then cut other colours of card into small pieces. Cover the egg with glue and then stick on the small pieces of card to make a mosaic. You could also stick buttons and sequins onto the egg.



Easter Egg Painting

Ear buds

Cut the card into egg shapes, then place a blob of each of the paints onto another piece of card. Using ear buds paint patterns onto the eggs. If you manage to make enough Easter eggs you could punch holes in the top of each using a hole punch and thread ribbon through and make it into some Easter bunting.


Chick Cards

Pritt stick
Easter stickers

Start by cutting a big circle and a slightly smaller circle out of yellow card. Then cut into the centre of each circle and bend down the card to half way down. Stick a big and a small circle of yellow onto each card using the Pritt stick. Then using a black pen draw an eye and feet onto the chicks, additionally on the larger chicken you can draw a scalloped edge under the head. Then using the red pen draw on the beaks. Finish off the cards by sticking on some Easter themed stickers.


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