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Today we thought we’d share some of our favourite things to do with babies. Like with a lot of things Pinterest is a wonderful resource to check out for Baby activities – here.

Treasure basket play

We do love a bit of treasure basket play – we previously wrote about it here. It’s a simple activity to set up for babies just grab some (clean) kitchen utensils / household items and let your baby explore.


Balls in a cake tray

A great coordination activity for a sitting baby, practicing placing different sizes of balls in a cup cake tray…and of course taking them all back out again, a baby’s favourite pastime.

Mess free painting 

We created this mess free painting for our little charge, using zip lock bags and paint. It allows children to explore the paint without the mess. You can also make edible paints which are perfect for babies.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 21.18.07

Tummy time

Tummy time is very important for babies as it helps to strengthen muscles, including those in your baby’s neck. It will also help your baby gain head control. Why not try it in the park on a blanket, whilst reading together or playing on a rug/playmat with your baby.

Busy books/mats

Busy books are a great way for babies to explore new feelings and textures independantly, and supported of course! Also a great way to link in with tummy time to get those back muscles developing and becoming stronger in order to look up and reach and discover.

Sensory bottles

We’ve also written about making sensory bottles before, here. Sensory bottles are therapeutic for children / babies to watch, learn about noises, shapes, how to grasp/hold/shake and eventually vocabulary


Sensory umbrella 

We stumbled across this sensory umbrella on Pinterest right here and just thought it was such a wonderful idea for a baby to gaze up at. Source

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 21.10.42

Bubbles / Singing / Peekaboo

The wonderful thing about singing / playing peekaboo is that you can do it anywhere. Even a tiny baby will love to respond to the sound of mummy / daddy’s voice.

Pom Pom drop

For slightly older babies this is a great way to work on their coordination – and a great way to reuse loo and kitchen roll inners! Hang them at child’s height either straight down or at angles, with potential to make into a more marble run style. Let your little one drop pom poms down them and watch where they go. This is a great activity to be able to interchange the dropped objects for seasons or ages. For example, conkers, feathers, lego bricks. If you have older siblings wanting to be invoved, ask them questions like, ‘which object dropped the quickest?’ Or ‘which object is heaviest/lightest?’….there is always some science to learn!

We hope you have fun exploring!

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