Activities | Spring Crafts

Duck and duckling handprints

You need
White card
Yellow paint
Childs hand
Goggly eyes
Black & Orange pens

To make the mummy duck paint one little hand with yellow paint and press down onto the white card. Then paint just the top of their thumb and press down onto the card to make the ducklings. When dry, use a black pen to draw feet and an eye onto the ducklings and an orange pen to draw their beaks. Attach a goggly eye to the mummy duck.


Loo roll butterflies

You need
Loo roll
Coloured card
Tissue paper/felt tips
goggly eyes
Pom poms
pipe cleaners
PVA glue

Draw and cut out the butterflies wings out of the card. Stick to the loo roll. Decorate the wings with pieces of tissue paper or felt tip pens. Attach goggly eyes to the loo roll and draw on a smile. Glue a pom pom onto the end of two pipe cleaners and attach them inside the loo roll.


Bubblewrap lamb

You need
White paint
Black card
Goggly eyes
Lollipop sticks

Cut out the bubblewrap into a loose flower shape. Paint the bubblewrap white and let  it dry. Draw out the lambs head on the black card and cut out. Stick two goggly eyes onto the head and attach it to the bubblewrap. Glue the lollipop sticks to the back of the bubblewrap to make two legs.



© pocketnannies 2017

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