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Today we have a selection of books that encourage children to discuss and relate to different emotions.

That’s Not Funny Bunny – by Bethany Rose Hines

This simple, repetitive book promotes induviduality, but makes you realise not to make yourself something you’re not for the benefit of others. With clear, cute pastel pictures to illustrate the message, this book is a great read for young chilldren. Especially at an age in primary school where children notice, and comment, on differences between each other. Can be used as a great way to encourage no bullying at school with extended activities after.

Big City Kitty – by Susie Linn

For helping children who are scared of the dark. This book shows a Kitty on his walk through a city in the dark and the obstacles you face, but how to overcome them. Paired with bright and vivid pictures this is a fun and engagaing book.

The Journey Home – by Emma Levey

The journey home is a story of a mother’s love (in te form of a chicken!) and how she supports her children learning new tasks, to make them ready to let them go off alone when they are grown up. A very sweet story, and the children are quite what you think they are…

Always There Bear – by Trudi Granger

This final book is about the feeling of attachment. A little child has a soft bear which goes everywhere with them. This bear is there for the child no matter what they are feeling. This book is a great start towards getting children to communicate how they feel-even if they need a bear to help them!

Here at pocketnannies, we are really proactive in making sure all of our suggestions are easy, achieveable and affordable. We are LOVING Aldi at the moment for children’s games and books. We got all of these from there, but also available from other places too!

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