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It’s always really interesting when our fellow Norlander’s branch out from nannying and set up their own business. We got in touch with Francesca Boon, a qualified Norland Nanny who has gone on to create her own bespoke party business. We spoke to Francesca to find out more…

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Contact telephone – 07588317717

One of my favourite assignments when studying at Norland was the party planning project. I created a Mad Hatter’s tea party complete with mis-matching crockery, playing cards and of course jam tarts. Since qualifying as a Norland nanny I have worked for families both in London and around the world. My travels have taken me to Australia, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Geneva, to name but a few.

Whilst nannying I have organised many birthday and afterschool tea parties. I’ve created a ceiling of bats for Halloween, strung tissue paper leaves onto vines for a jungle and spray painted stars for a night sky. I received such positive feedback for my parties that I decided perhaps a change of career was in order.

In September 2016, The Purple Carrot was born. I chose the name because it’s light-hearted, quirky and memorable and because carrots were originally purple. My approach to party planning is original, tasteful, unique and uninfluenced by commercial brands.

The Purple Carrot offers affordable bespoke children’s party planning for the time poor parent, whose child dreams of fairies at the bottom of the garden, creating scientific explosions or picnicking with teddy bears. After discussing the chosen theme, I create a small portfolio of ideas for my clients. Depending on requirements I can choose a venue, cater for both children and adult guests, provide all decorations, balloons, and tableware and organise bespoke entertainment.

I’m also working with the concept of a party in a box. Having looked after children full time I realise how hard it is to find time to spend browsing the shops for table confetti, bunting or party bag fillers! I find that a lot of online party shops offer the same commercial themes using a lot of plastic and loud colours. Not only are my parties in a box affordably priced, I can create a box using any theme and every box is different. I work to a tasteful colour scheme referencing the theme throughout and offer two different packages (See website). Living in such a social media focused culture with apps such as Pinterest and Instagram, It is apparent that a lot of parents enjoy creating and documenting their children’s parties. My ‘Party in a Box’ packages bring together everything a parent would need to set up a beautiful ‘homemade’ party with an extra special touch and wonderfully unique party bags.


img_4274As I have recently started the business I am providing the bespoke party planning service at a discounted price whilst I establish a client base. If you would like to plan your child’s party with The Purple Carrot or order some party essentials/giftbags/Easter party pieces, please visit our website or call Francesca on 07588317717.

Thanks to Francesca for informing us about her new company! Please be sure to spread the word.

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