Activities | Mother’s Day Photo Block 

Now spring has sprung, Mother’s Day is upon us this coming Sunday. If you need an original idea for a lovely mother out there, we have just the one for you. This beautiful photo block is both personal and quick and easy to make.

You Need

Photos printed on paper (not photo paper)
Wooden cube
PVA glue with a little water mixed in

Start by cutting out your photos. It is best to cut around the people in the photo as much as possible.

Next paint one side of the cube with glue and stick down photos. Put another layer of glue over the photos being careful not to smudge the ink. (Don’t worry that you can’t see your photos under the glue, it dries clear!) Do another 4 sides leaving one side without photos and glue. Leave to dry. Once dry cover the final side with glue and photos.

When the entire cube is dry you could decorate it using a gold sharpie pen. We chose to write 2017 on ours.

© pocketnannies 2017


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