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We were contacted by CleverstiX a few weeks ago asking if we would like to review their fine motor skill enhancing  child development cutlery.

Looking after a pre-schooler who’s fine motor skills are improving daily, I have been on the look out for some different ways to help keep improving these skills without her getting frustrated and bored doing the same things over and over again.

She really enjoyed the novelty of the CleverstiX’s and liked the robot design. After I showed her where to put her fingers she got the hang of them very quickly. We started with large pieces of pasta which she easily picked up and then moved onto cereal which she found much harder but she persevered to get them from one plate to the other.

Personally I felt the CleverstiX were great for helping strengthen her hand muscles in a fun way. They challenged her but she seemed to hold them comfortably and enjoyed using them. I wouldn’t use them for every meal but I think to use them for occasional meals as well as setting up a few activities using them each week would work best.

A Bit About the Product

Great for strengthening fine motor skills

CleverstiX have a ‘No Spring-Back’ design. Therefore the child must control both the closing and opening motions meaning CleverstiX demand and develop more precision and more concentration than normal tweezer style gripper tools.

Improves muscle control for holding cutlery and writing

The products special design means children replicate a pencil or pen holding grip when using CleverstiX, and so usage provides a workout that intensely exercises the hand control required for writing. The company have approval from the National Handwriting Association (NHA) for their CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery.

After using CleverstiX’s for a few weeks the company has found typically a huge difference in the control and confidence children have in using other types of cutlery.

What ages are they for?

CleverstiX are for children aged 3-12years.

Can they go in the dishwasher?

YES! Top shelf preferably.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 22.10.07.png

CleverstiX kindly sent us their product to review, however all views are our own.

© pocketnannies 2017

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