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Lizzie King, who appeared in one of our An Interview With… back in August has just published her first family recipe book.


A recipe book for the whole family, packed full of sugar free and gluten free nutritious and most importantly delicious food that’s easy enough to cook everyday.

She has dedicated the first part of her book to discussing the importance of food, what children need when & why, fussing eating and some helpful tips on going sugar-free as a family. She writes in such a relaxed, non pushy way you almost feel she is talking directly to you instead of you reading her words off a page.

With chapters on breakfasts, drinks, soups, pasta, vegetables, meat, lunchboxes & snacks and finally puddings & cakes you are sure to find some new family favourites.

At the very top of each recipe is the time that it will take as well as symbols explaining whether the recipe is vegan, contains nuts, suitable for baby-led weaning etc. This makes choosing a recipe so quick and easy especially if you have family members with certain dietary needs.

Some of our favourite recipes we have tried here at pocketnannies:

Hazelnut Choc Crunch with Raspberries


Spinach, Sweet Potato & Red Onion Bhajis

Watermelon Cooler


What we are planning on making ASAP:

Mini Granola Friut Cups
Fusilli Florentine (because sometimes a ten minute dinner is what it’s all about!)
Salmon Teriyaki Pepper Skewers
Raspberry Baked Oatmeal

As nannies it’s so great to find new recipe books to give us fresh inspiration for dinner times, lunch boxes and snacks. We do a lot of cooking as nannies and being able to cook fresh, nutritious and delicious food for our charges is so important to us. Thank you Lizzie for all your fabulous recipes!!

Her book is currently on sale on amazon, find it here.
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