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Are you looking for an exercise class that you can take your baby along too? Something which will allow your little one to nap in the fresh air? When we spotted a flyer in the park we picked it up and so got in touch with Jacqui…

Buggyfit is an outdoor exercise class devised for postnatal Mums allowing them to bring their babies in the pram or buggy. After having a baby, life appears to absorb all your time with ‘baby activities’, and clinic visits; but studies show that taking time out for yourself, especially to exercise, is fantastic not only for your fitness levels but mental state too, relieving stress, improving stamina and making for a happier Mum. Buggyfit comes with the added bonus of exercising with like-minded Women enabling you to make new friends and benefit from the social fun these classes bring.


The social and mental benefits are of course not the only focus at a Buggyfit class. All Buggyfit trainers are fully qualified and insured fitness professionals, who understand what a new Mum’s body has been through and know what training is needed at each postnatal stage. The Trainers also ensure each Mum gets an appropriate workout to suit her fitness level, be it, back to fitness from a fit pre pregnancy or starting from scratch.

Buggyfit classes incorporate cardio vascular and fat-burning exercises with strength training and toning, concentrating on the specific areas that need work after childbirth. The great thing is that this mix produces maximum results for each class member as it not only tones those problem areas but helps to raise the metabolic rate and aid in fat loss too. This results in Mum being stronger, fitter and healthier in mind and body.


Classes are Wednesday and Friday 9.30, Bishops park (meet at the black gates opposite the Premier Inn). Please try to come for coffee after the class (classes finish at the park café)

Classes are £12 for a drop in or cheaper if a class pass is purchased. See below for full details.

I offer fun effective workouts,my classes consist of fat burning cardio, pilates, yoga and circuit training. I also offer personal training sessions for groups or individuals as well as weight loss consultations.

I started teaching these classes after having my own son (now 13 years old) and understand all the issues that are faced when looking after a young baby, I think getting out and exercising is great not just for the body but for the mind as well, plus meeting other mums and making friends helps makes those early months really fun…and can help stave off postnatal depression!

So come along, can’t wait to see you. You don’t need to bring anything special, just wear comfortable clothes to work out in and a small towel or mat for when we work the abs!

Please note that the classes are £12 for a drop in OR
FREE CLASS if PASS bought on the day!

Super fit Mum
Class pass of 10 – £100 , £10 per class

Seriously Super fit Mum
Class pass of 15 – £142.50 £9.50 per class

Seriously seriously Super fit mum
Class pass of 20 – £180 £9.00 per class

Please note if it rains classes are still on!

Jacqueline Ditcham
Buggyfit Putney & Fulham
Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritional Therapist, Weight Loss Consultant


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