Discussion | Why We Love Being Nannies

Being a nanny is such an amazing and also unusual job, one that draws you into people’s private family lives. You are entrusted to care for a child or children who are the most precious and beloved individuals in their parent’s lives. One that requires strong emotional bonds to be formed, evident respect and clear communication between the nanny and child as well as the nanny and parents.

Below we have each written, along with three other wonderful nannies, why we love our jobs.

Why do I love being a nanny?

Having worked in a private nursery previously, where the job was becoming less about spending time with the children and more about filling out paper work to keep care commission happy. Whilst constantly working under the fear and pressure of a surprise visit to make sure you were meeting their unrealistic expectations. Someone showing up to your work deciding before they see you working with the children that your standards of care were not up to scratch because you didn’t have time to tick a box on a sheet of paper was so not for me anymore. I knew that the relationships I had with the children were more important to me than any of that!

So when the opportunity arrived to work privately with a family from the nursery I jumped on it and I can confidently say that switching to nannying was the best decision I have ever made! Having my work praised and knowing I was 100% trusted from day one was a huge change for me. I have certainly become a happier person since becoming a nanny.

Why do I love my job? Because my job is about caring, teaching, and most importantly having fun with 3 of the best kids I have ever met!


Nanny in Edinburgh to three boys. See what Katie and the boys get up to over on Instagram  @nannygram22_.


Why do I love being a nanny?

Let me use just today as an example of why I think I have the greatest job ever!

I started my day off sitting on the floor while building “the biggest block towers EVER”!  I got to pretend that I was eating cake and ice cream (although I’m on a strict no carb diet)… I even got a slice of pizza with candy sprinkles!  Today I learned even more about volcanoes and got to sing a new volcano song!  I also got to see what happens if you block the marbles in a Marble Run tower and keep adding marbles… and it’s pretty cool!  I made happy faces made out of orange slices, blueberries, and strawberries! And THEN I had a crazy fun dance party!
Yes, today I also consoled a toddler who was hysterical because his red car would not balance so perfectly on the railing.  Yes, today I gagged just a tad (even with my sweater pulled up over my nose) while changing an extra ripe diaper.  Yes, today I sang that mentioned volcano song 147 times… in a row.   And yes, today I had to wait over an hour for two little boys to eat the same amount that would take me 36.4 seconds to consume.
But all those moments make me laugh and give me stories.  I absolutely love being a nanny, friend, and family member.  I love the fun, the cuddles, the laughs, and the tears. I love being a part of the transition from cute baby to wonderful tiny human and beyond!
My most favorite part of every day though, is being able to be utterly excited about EVERYTHING!  At the end of the day I reflect back, with a smile, on how many times I got to yell, “YAYYY”!  What job could possibly give you that?!

Nanny to two boys in Las Vegas.

Follow her nanny adventures over on Instagram @theupsidetoboogers.


Why do I love being a nanny?

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! Now this makes for a beautiful and catchy song, however the thought of feeding a child an ACTUAL spoonful of sugar is enough to make most parents gasp. In actuality it takes love combined with a lot of creativity to make the medicine go down, but that is just another day in the life of a nanny!

I have been a nanny for four years and I simply adore every little moment. What I love the most about being a nanny is the satisfying feeling I receive through bringing organization to a household on a daily basis. I do this through showing unconditional love, constantly reinventing playtime and endless pinterest projects but what I value the most is the trustworthy relationship I continue to obtain with my nanny family.


Nanny to a four year old girl in Florida. You can check out her nanny life over on Instagram @thenannynichols.


Why do I love being a nanny?

I always knew I wanted to work with children but I wasn’t sure in what capacity until I started nannying during my spare hours whilst I was in Sixth Form. I quickly knew it was the right choice for me and so I decided to train at Norland.
I love how flexible being a nanny is, when it’s a beautiful sunny day I always feel so grateful when people are stuck in the office and I am able to be outside in the park or the garden, even if we are camped out under a tree to protect ourselves from the sun.
I love the fun that we can have with the children, taking them for trips and seeing their faces light up with excitement during special trips.
I love sharing the special moments with children – helping them to learn, watching them grow up and achieve. Teaching them new words when they are little and watching their personalities form.
I love being such a big part of the children’s life.

Pocketnannies’ Sarah

Nanny to three children in London


Why do I love being a nanny?

I love being a nanny as I get the opportunity to watch the children in my care grow and develop and see their personalities shine through.
They make me laugh, they notice things that otherwise would go unnoticed and they question everything.

I love my job because it is not a job to me, I get to go outside, play with wooden food, play dough and bake cupcakes with sprinkles! I also get to have squeezy hugs and have my hair done by an enthusiastic three year old.

Having employers who genuinely appreciate what you do with and for their children, who trust you opinions and knowledge and support your ideas.
I enjoy that I have the freedom to plan the children’s day and can be spontaneous when we stumble upon interesting things.

Pocketnannies’ Sophie

Nanny to two girls in London.


Why do I love being a nanny?

The smiles, the kisses and cuddles and the miniature best friends you make are all huge parts of why I love my job as a nanny. No matter what your day has held those small gestures can make all the difference!

I have been extremely lucky to have been part of many different family’s lives, all with different requirements and needs for me to be there and it is a very special thing to be able to give that to a family.

No day is the same when you look after little children, mostly their imaginations are so vivid that the conversations you can end up having often make you cackle with laughter.

I’m very lucky to have a job that involves a lot of laughter (ok, a lot of crying too…not on my part), variety, love, special bonds and getting work with a little person that looks up to you and depends on you entirely for your working day.

Pocketnannies’ Siobhan

Nanny in the Cotswolds. Follow pocketnannies on Instagram @pocketnannies.


Are you a nanny? What do you love most about your job?

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