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I was a bit sceptical when I saw you could make a type of play dough from cornflour and hair conditioner, but even so I thought I’d give it a go just to see. And do you know what, it was amazing. It was soft and silky, even more therapeutic than normal playdough and you could still mould it into shapes really easily. My two young charges enjoyed playing with it for over half an hour and I gave them some children’s cutlery to explore the dough with. They ended up chopping the dough to make biscuits, rolling the dough to make snowmen and the youngest liked poking holes in hers.

To make your own you will need:
200g Cornflour
100g Conditioner

Place the two ingredients into a bowl and mix together until you form a good dough. Add more conditioner if too dry and more cornflour if too wet until you reach a good consistency.

We made the basic dough but you can easily add glitter, drops of essential oil, citrus zest, coco powder etc to change it up a bit.

Playdough might seem like just a simple activity to entertain children for a space of time, however there are many benefits of playing with dough.

  • Fine motor skills- squashing, squishing, flattening and rolling playdough develops children’s muscles and can help with prewriting and other skills such as cutting with  scissors and holding a pencil.
  • Calming and therapeutic- a great way to ease tension, release extra energy and it can help improve focus and concentration.
  • Creativity and imagination-  there are no rules with playdough and the opportunities for making things are limitless. By providing a variety of materials to use with the playdough you can inspire creativity and encourage the use of their imaginations even more.
  • Hand eye coordination- creating objects with dough and using other materials with the dough can really enhance a child’s hand eye coordination.

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