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‘The pill taking device designed for all ages to eradicate the problem of swallowing pills and tablets. The innovative design utilizes the natural drinking action to make pill swallowing an effortless task.’

A friend of pocketnannies came to us wanting us to share her new find and experience using this Pilgo cup to help her charge take his regular medication. Since then we’ve recommended it to one other family facing the same situation.

Taking medication can be a stressful time for anyone, but getting children to learn how to take tablets can prove difficult, even for the most patient of people. Let’s face it, it’s hard to tell a small child to swallow something whole when we spend so much of our time telling them to chew their food properly…plus tablets don’t exactly taste great either when you get it wrong!

Here’s what we have to say about it all.

What was the purpose of the cup?
A recent charge of mine had leukaemia. Part of the medication was to take 3 tablets every day. Everyday we would have tears and arguments about taking the tablets and split water everywhere. We used the Pilgo cups to help change the way we did this, for the better.

Where did you hear about it?
After seeing My charge struggle each and every morning I decided to research online to see if there was anything at all to make pill taking easier for young children. I came across this website and immediately suggested it to my boss. We had got to the point where we decided we would try anything.

What do you like about it/did it help your situation?
The pilgo cups are very clever. The lid of the cup holds the tablet out over the water. When the cup is tipped up, the stream of water goes into the child’s mouth along with the tablet.
This made the whole experience of taking the tablets much less stressful. We rarely had tears or arguments and as adults, never had the nervous feeling getting the pill ready for him to take. At first we started with just one tablet in the lid at a time. The Pilgo cups were so amazing at getting the little boy’s confidence back he learnt how to take all 3 tablets at once. This dramatically changed the amount of time it took to complete his medication each morning.

Anything negatives about the cup?
The only thing to be wary of is that once the water has gone through the lid you have to properly dry it before putting another tablet in otherwise it does stick. We just bought a few Pilgos and used different lids but the same cup.

Would you recommend it?
Yes! The Pilgo totally changed the stress and worry for this little boy and his family about taking his medication every morning. I would recommend this to everyone who struggles to take tablets, both children and adults.

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You can get your Pilgo cup here.

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