Activities | Valentine’s

Glitter Heart Cards

You will need
Sticky back plastic
Small love hearts cut out of red foam
A lot of glitter!

Fold the card in half. Cut out a heart shape from the sticky back plastic and taking off one side of the paper and stick the heart onto the front of the card and then peel off the top layer of paper. Stick the foam hearts all over the sticky back plastic and then dust with ALL the glitter and finally shake off.


Love Stickers

Getting children to stick stickers onto letters is a great way to squeeze some phonics or letter practice into an activity. We find it’s activities like this that children don’t even realise they’re doing letters sometimes, which is perfect for those who are reluctant or shy about practicing.


Love Themed Playdough

An invitation to create – we laid out a fresh batch of pink(y) red play dough, recipe here. With some cupcake cases, and a tray, rolling pin etc. Why not let your little ones ‘bake’ some love-heart cupcakes / queen of hearts jam tarts. Who knows you may end up with love pizzas or even love worms – just let your little ones create.



Valentine’s Pudding

I always like making my charges a valentine’s themed dinner just for fun. I cut carrots into love hearts, use cookie cutters to cut cucumber, tortillas, fruit etc. This year I am going to also make them a pink pudding to join the theme. A strawberry mousse that they can help prepare the day before, that contains no artificial colours!

3 egg whites
50g golden caster sugar
300g Strawberries
150ml double cream

Whisk the egg whites until you can hold the bowl over your or your child’s head without it falling out. Then slowly whisk in the sugar a tablespoon at a time until all incorporated.
If your strawberries are ripe pop them in a blender and whiz them up and then place through a sieve to collect all the juice. If they aren’t ripe as they could be, place them in a saucepan over a low heat for 5 minutes stirring and squishing all the time and then pass through a sieve to collect the juice. Leave to cool. Next whisk up your cream until it holds its shape and then stir in the strawberry juice. Finally fold in the egg white and sugar mix. Place into bowls, ramekins or glasses to serve and place in the fridge for ideally 12 hours or longer. Serve with fresh strawberries and a kiss!!

*Not for pregnant mummies as has raw egg*

© pocketnannies 2017

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