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We were approached in January by Little Tiger Press who kindly asked us if we would like to review two new books. We jumped at the chance, as you all know we adore books here at pocketnannies. The first one is We are Family written by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Ryan Wheatcroft.

We are Family celebrates the differences and similarities between ten families as they go about their daily lives. Each page, full of engaging illustrations, will prompt many conversations and help your child to embrace, accept and understand the differences they see in people around them.

“Each family is different, it may be large or small. We may look like each other – or not alike at all.” 

The characters form ten family units including; single parent families, same sex parents, disabilities, different nationalities, children living with other family members, adoption, siblings and only child families.

It is a great book to celebrate and talk about how every family is different and that that is more than ok.

This book is full of love and positivity, the illustrations play a major roll with the words there to reinforce them.

You can get your hands on this wonderful book next Thursday 9th February. Thank you Little Tiger Press for introducing us to such a great new book!  



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