An Interview With… Tea Time Tutors 

With exam season looming, parents may well be looking for tutors to help prepare their children for those exams. This is why we got in touch with Tash at Tea Time Tutors (TTT) to showcase her tutoring business in South West London. If you would like to find out more visit the website

Tea Time Tutors offers bespoke tutoring, educational consultantcy, exam preparation and homework help.

We spoke to Tash to find out what Tea Time Tutors is all about, how it came about and the wonderful service her and her tutors offer. 

So firstly Tash, what made you set up Tea Time Tutors? 

I set up Teatime after becoming disillusioned with working in a school environment and seeing a gap in the market for tutoring with a difference. Many parents asked me tutor their children after school and the children were hungry and tired and still had homework to do, so I set up Teatime to take away the stress from parents and offer a service that included doing the child’s homework with them, feeding them supper and tutoring; all parents have to do once their child is home is give them a hug, a bath and put them to bed! 

(That’s a huge benefit for busy parents we feel)! 

What is your background ? 

I started my working life in TV (children’s entertainment) and decided on a career change. I spent 5 years working in the State Sector covering a range of age groups and then moved into the Private Sector; I felt it was important to understand both sectors in education and experience a variety of schools.

How long has the business been up and running? 
I am now in my third year of running Teatime.
Do children eat in the cafes ? (Do you ensure they have good menus before working with the cafes)? 

Yes the children eat in the cafes. On choosing a suitable venue I ensure that they are able to offer healthy and balanced meals for the kids, although most of the children order pizza; this being the case I insist they have some vegetables or salad with it and ensure they drink plenty of water.


Can you outline a teatime tutoring session for us please? 

I like to be in the venue early to greet the children. Many parents share the drop off and pick up with other parents since I am normally either close to their child’s school or home. The children come to my chosen venue (a local restaurant or cafe) straight from school. I then assist them with their school homework, if there is none I provide my own for them. The children then order from the kid’s menu and they eat while we talk; it’s very relaxed and social which helps kids who may be shy or coming up for an interview. 

After supper I tutor the children. I offer this service to no more than four children per tutor (all fully qualified teachers) and the programme is fully bespoke to suit the child in question. This normally takes the form of English, Maths and Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning since many of the children are sitting entrance exams.

Do you ever tutor in children’s homes?
I do tutor in children’s homes during the holidays since Teatime only runs during the term time. However, I do prefer for children to come to my house. I find they concentrate much better without the distractions of home around them!

What packages do you offer and what is the cost? 

Currently the cost is £65.00 for a session and I ask parents to sign up for a half term (normally 6 weeks) so they can at least see some change. I also like to see continuity within the groups. 

Finally, what would be your top tip for getting children to be attentive towards doing homework after school? 

That’s a really hard question! Many children just need a bit of extra support and a bit of confidence building. Often they feel shy telling their teacher that they don’t understand what to do and then struggle with their homework. I create trust with the children which means they are happier to have a go – often with a bit of scrap paper to practise on, which then goes in the bin. Children are often scared to make mistakes. They need to feel supported when doing their homework. The promise of pizza also helps!

Thanks Tash. 


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