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Back in December at the Wild Little Community Christmas Fair we met lots of lovely new people and made some great new contacts. One of those people was Rebecca who runs London’s Little Thinkers, (website here). Today we’re interviewing her to find out more about London’s Little Thinkers.


Okay, firstly Rebecca please can we hear more about London’s Little Thinkers (LLT) ? 

Of course, thank you for inviting me to share LLT with your readers. London’s Little Thinkers is a free online resource for parents/carers. It aims to promote an educational and engaging London life for children. Every day LLT shares ideas (via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) whether it be things to do at home, in London or in the classroom. We also run fun educational workshops and send a newsletter with our favourite things to do before each holiday (our Christmas edition is out today!) If you are ever stuck for ideas of what to do with your children then LLT is there to help you!

What does LLT offer to parents and their children? Do you run classes / is it online? (Please run us through what you do).

Both! Every day I post ideas online but LLT also runs educational workshops, each time with a different focus. You can also sign up to our newsletter which is sent straight to your inbox with LLT’s top recommendations. My favourite aspect of LLT is our #LLTbookclub; every Sunday I ask a different guest to share their favourite children’s books with our followers! LLT followers say that this is an excellent way to be exposed to a range of children’s books. We’d love pocketnannies to take part!

What made you come up with LLT? 

After my business course I have always been keen to set up a company but I knew it had to be something that I was passionate about to make it work. I would often speak to parents/nannies/friends who were looking for educational yet fun things to do in holidays and at weekends with their children. It was often stressful for them to fill time off with worthwhile opportunities, especially in London. I visualised a concept which would help parents/carers to access ideas for their children with ease, all in one place. Being a teacher meant that I wanted by USP to be that everything offered by LLT was both educational and well considered. I started with everything being offered online but I now enjoy running educational workshops at weekends and in holidays for both parents and children. Since then (September 2015) LLT has grown more than I had expected and 2017 will offer more exciting things to come again!

Can we ask you about your background and how you got into teaching? 

Of course! I will give you the shortened version and explain how I ended up becoming a Primary School Teacher… my passion for education started on a school trip to a school in Kenya where I worked for 2 weeks. I then read Early Childhood Studies (BSc) at The University of Bristol. I moved to London, did a business course, worked as a Teaching assistant and then I applied for my PGCE! It was a very busy and challenging year but i loved it and learnt so much. I  am now in my third year as a classroom teacher (working in a Primary School in London) and I wouldn’t change it for the world. As cheesy as it sounds – I absolutely adore my job and feel very fortunate. London’s Little Thinkers is an exciting side project which I enjoy working on in my spare time and I am always meeting wonderfully inspiring people through it too.

What do you think are the main boundaries for parents doing creative / experimentative things with their children at home ? 

I think often there is fear of keeping it simple. In fact children love to be little; they love messy play and simple activities often inspire the most imaginative results.

We’ve seen your inspiring ideas! If you could do one activity with children what would it be ? (Perhaps one REALLY impressive activity, Very simple but effective, one that you’ve seen children really fascinated by).  

Thank you very much, I love coming up with effective yet fun activities. One of my favourites to strengthen children’s hand muscles (fine motor skills) is the below activity. All you need is spaghetti, playdough and cheerios (you must think I am going mad!). I have used this activity in the classroom and at events and it is always a popular one!


Finally i would like to say please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My email address is Also, please follow LLT on social media for daily inspiration!

© pocketnannies 2017

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